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These are some of the report backs from people being helped through the Ministry of Sharehouse;

1.  The day before Thanksgiving 4 ladies came in with a representative from DVIS.  They were moving from a shelter to their own apartments and were in great need.  There are times when we receive small household items in addition to furniture, and shared this with the ladies. They were so excited to be able to get some little extra items.  One lady in particular notice we had a set of dishes available and asked for them. With great enthusiasm she said "for the first time my children can eat out of real plates for Thanksgiving." How wonderful to be able to impact the Community and Families in this way.

2.  A lady brought a man in to get some furniture. He shared that his place had burned down, and a neighbor had saved his life. He was having to start all over again. They were really appreciative of the help that Sharehouse was able to give them.  

3.  One lady shared her story of raising 4 grandchildren, all of them under the age of ten. Her daughter, just getting out of rehab, was being setup in an apartment, and could not afford to buy any furniture.  Sharehouse was able to provided her with the ability to do that and not cause herself a financial handicap. 

4.  Recently a young man come into Sharehouse who had been laid off work. Because of this, his wife had told him to leave. He found an apartment and was now looking for a job.  We were able to supply him with a loveseat/ hide-a-bed, a table and a desk.  I have heard from him since, and he has found another job.  He contacted us to say thank you for the help.

5) We had a family that had a fire. They lost everything and it was a single mom with children. The Sharehouse was able to help this family after they moved into their new place.

6) We had another family that had been homeless that the Sharehousewas able to assist them with items.

7) A Case Manager called from Family & Children Service’s and asked if the Sharehouse could help a family whose children did not have a bed. This once again was where the Sharehouse and the team came through. The children had not had a bed of their own for a long time and you made this happen.



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